Ever wanted to draw or write or do something about a character - your own or someone else's - but just had no ideas?

Now with a turbocharged Halloween update!

This versatile prompt generator is designed to help you answer the question 'what am I drawing,' with 100+ prompts and a huge number of combinations. Generate AUs, clothing ideas, different versions of the character, and more, or build up your own prompt to your own tastes.

This generator released as PWYW, however, do please consider donating either here or on ko-fi if you enjoy this generator, or tell your friends about it. Also, follow me on twitter or tumblr for updates on this and other generators (I have big plans afoot), as well as art, RPG content, writing, and much more.

Find out more about me and the generator in the about page within. I'd love to hear about what you create!

(All characters depicted in artwork are non-binary and use they/them pronouns.)

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